Ship of Theseus - Cameron Baileys hidden gem from Mumbai

Wine poured and conversations flowed as the Toronto International Film Festival 2012 programmers met with a select group of media to dish out and share thoughts on their hidden gems from this year’s festival.

An intimate gathering, the evening was a perfect way to commence conversations on what films to see amongst this year’s stellar line-up of over 300 plus features, shorts and documentaries.

One by one, each of the festival’s seventeen programmers took to the mike to make their individual picks for standout films from this year’s programming be known.

As each programmer gradually unfurled their choices, at last when it finally came the turn of evening’s emcee, Festival Artistic Director and Programmer for South Asia - Cameron Bailey to make his selection he picked, Anand Gandhi’s debut feature Ship of Theseus as being the ‘hidden gem’ from Mumbai along with his other pick Camp 14 - Total Control Zone from Germany.

Speaking to exclusively Filmicafe on why he picked Ship of Theseus amongst the 10 films from Mumbai, Cameron said “It’s one that I really did fall in love with it when I saw it because it did stand out not just from everything else I had seen from India in the last number of years but also from the rest of the films in the City to City Program.”

Ship of Theseus which asks and addresses the philosophical question ‘if every single piece of a ship was replaced, would it still be the same ship?’ is made by first timer Anand Gandhi.

“He’s not trying to reinvent the wheel instead he invents something wholly original. As a filmmaker I think he is as influenced by philosophy, literature and visual arts as he is by other films which is a breath of fresh air,” said Cameron.

The World Premiere of the film at TIFF Bell Lightbox on the September 6, the Opening night of the festival will also mark the launch of the 2012 City to City program.