Performer Priya Patel all set to storm the world of glamour & glitz

This glam doll combines a melodious voice with sensual looks that propel her into a Bollywood diva league! The mulch-talented mulch-faceted Priya Patel, who is a complete entertainer, vocalist, composer, lyricist, dancer and a live performer par excellence, is all set to storm the world of glamour and glitz. And yes, she has several Bollywood offers on hand but she is quite tight-lipped about them and waiting for the right time to ‘reveal it all!’

Singing sensation Priya Patel possesses a unique combination of good looks, a figure that any model would die for and a great, mesmerizing voice that adds to a super hit package. The performer par excellence now basking in the success of her recent album “Anjaani Se” released amidst a lot of fanfare. The wonderful voice of this singing diva eulogizes the perfect combination of good looks and good face, which is the ideal recipe for success as an artiste and entertainment.

Talking about her plans, Priya Patel says, “India today needs wants a unique and true entertainer and I am well positioned to capture this niche. I am a complete artiste with good looks, beauty, dancing skills, singing talent and a live performer par excellence. Yes, I am being chased by many filmmakers, who have spotted my talent and want to showcase the same to the world. And believe, the world will watch me when I perform.” 

Industry experts point out that Priya Patel has got several film offers but is taking her time deciding which project she would like to get associated with. "I am a singer and performer first," she says, adding that she would like to do films but will give her nod only for the right project that compliments her talent. She is an entertainer in the true sense and is an all-round performer. Besides being well-trained and proficient in several dance forms, she is learning the latest moves that will add to her killer-combination.

Yet this down-to-earth girl is a well grounded professional singer, who has made it to the top on her own steam and hard work. This explains why several entertainment world celebs and socialites were spotted at the celebrations including Alexx O’Neil, Shama Sikandar, and Manmeet of the Meet Brothers, as well as designer Amy Billimoria and her husband, Farhad. And now the high-energy livewire Priya Patel is gearing to release more songs and videos of the album, which has captured the imagination of migrant Mumbai girls. 

Priya Patel, who hails from Ahmadabad, has charmed the minds, hearts and souls of lakhs of girls in the entertainment capital of India because they can identify with the ‘Anjaani’ theme. “I guess there are numerous people in the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai, who have come from different cities, towns and villages to make a mark in the financial and entertainment capital of India. They resonate and connect instantly with the theme of this song, which is all about being alone with you even amongst the masses. The words just flowed when I started to pen my thoughts and the result is a memorable album titled ‘Anjaani Se’. And now there’s more to come,” says Priya Patel.

Priya Patel writes her lyrics and composes the music herself and is known for her great foot-tapping music. She has done several big corporate and cultural shows, Garba and Navratri events and also does playback singing for films and TV jingles. Priya has performed at over 100 shows in the last year in cities like Delhi, Kolkatta, Mumbai, Indore, Bhopal, Hyderabad and Gujarat.  She has also performed on the platform of SareGa Ma and Indian Idol.

When asked about her wide repertoire, Priya adds, “I have learnt semi classical music from Ustad Shaukat Ali Khan in Saptak music academy. I do sing western songs, old songs, bhajans, garbas, new fast tracks n pop songs. I have gained the confidence to deliver a wide range of popular and original tracks. And yes the audiences will be grooving to the tunes.” Looks like she is going to have fans eating out of her hands.