Ek Rishi aur Ek Neetu charm Toronto

Nostalgia was in the air as the golden couple of Bollywood, Rishi and Neetu Kapoor came to Toronto for the inaugural Indian Cinema In Conversation to talk films, life and that thing called love.

Their list of hit films together is long and the list of their hit songs together is even longer. They just don't make jodis like them anymore who ooze romance just at a mere glimpse on screen and off it. They as a couple are incomparable though, beyond any such rankings and listings.

The evening commenced with a fashion show by designer Dinesh Ramsay which was followed up by singer Ali Quli who performed on a medley of songs including the smash hit Bora Bora from Bluffmaster.

Escalating the evening to a whole another level was an exceptional performance by Shiamak Davar Toronto’s teen dance team, who enthusiastically performed on memorable Rishi and Neetu Kapoor numbers like Ek Main Aur Tu, Om Shanti Shanti Om, Tum kya jaano, Aa dil kya mehfil.

Shadowing in the footsteps of his father the original showman of Indian cinema, Rishi Kapoor singlehandedly stole the show with his candour, jovialness and light-hearted demeanor - which alone was well worth the price of the ticket. Rishi Kapoor even gave audiences a surprise treat when he got up off his seat to sing Dar-e-Dil, leaving all astonished at his in-tune sur.

Rishi and Neetu Kapoor revealed enjoyable tidbits from their personal lives and shared little known gems like it is Kabhi Kabhi where the two first got very friendly. Infact the then Neetu Singh shared that once shooting for the film had wrapped she got a telegram from Rishi Kapoor which said three simple words ‘Sikhni yaad aayi’ as Neetu Kapoor is a Sikh originally from Delhi. Rishi Kapoor also disclosed a less known fact that it was Shree 420 and not Mera Naam Joker that marked his debut in movies.

The evening was compared by TV personalities Mohit Rajhans and Sushmitha Rao.

Shiamak Davar Toronto’s teen dance team gave the iconic couple a fitting farewell and the evening a fitting close dancing away to the duos evergreen song - Ek Main Aur Ek Tu which even had the gorgeous Neetu Singh who was decked in a stunning Sabyasachi sari matching steps with the mighty little troop.

All in all, in the illustrious company of Mr. Rishi and Mrs. Neetu Kapoor - a rather memorable evening was had by one and all in attendance.