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Naginder Gakhar, Satvinder Kaur, Parkaash Ghadhu, Ravinder Mand, Aman Sahota, Vinodh Kumar


Harman Aggarwal


Jagdev Dhillon


Harman Aggarwal

Music director:

Rajesh Mohan



Release date:

26 July 2013

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Jawala Singh is a Nambardar of a Village. After 8 years of his marriage, baby takes birth at his house. but when he comes to know that, the child is not a normal boy, he is a KHUSRA (Kinner, Enuch), they then start hiding the truth from all the villagers and others. The family looses all the happiness after the birth of this child. They treat the child as a boy and his name is Kultar nick named as Tar.

When he starts going to school then his friends come to know the truth and try to get him naked, because the way he behaves with them clearly shows that he must be a Kinner (Eunuch).

The Khusra(Eunuch) community comes to know about the truth of the child as a Kinner as the DAI - Nurse of the village who knows the truth informs them. One sudden day they come to Jawala singh's house and try to take their child along to stay with the Khusra community. The family does not agree to give their child. There are many arguments that go on but in the end Jawala singh (Khusra's father) is compelled to give away his son to the Khusra community.

After 15 years Jawala Singh's son who was born a kinner (Eunuch) comes back to his village and comes to his house too, his mother still has a ray of  hope to get her child back. But when she comes to know that he is a eunuch now, he does not recognize even recognise his mother and expects a donation from them.